The Perfect Princess Party

The Perfect Princess Party

The Perfect Princess Party

 The Perfect Princess PartyThe Perfect Princess Party! Ever dreamed of the perfect princess party that makes everybody float away to Never-never land? Well in order to get things right, you have to do it right and this means coordination and if you are wondering how you are going to pull it off with an acceptable budget here are some tips and tricks that would get you started on the yellow brick road!

First and foremost, make a guest list and if it is a princess party, it would be wise to ask the ‘princess of the house’ whom she would like to invite and AFTER she gives you her list (the people on her list should essentially fall into the ‘royal guest’ category – after all the party is for her!), you can start adding everyone else later on. Next make a list of her favorite colors (somehow pink rules… and everything else drools) and the next step would be to start thinking of décor, décors are not that expensive if you get the logistics right and for starters balloons (in her favorite color) are rudimentary followed by the cake and food (when it comes to food – please do remember that this party is for the kids and kids love snack food – the adult menu can be limited).

It’s a special day for the little ones, thus ice cream, cookie varieties, cakes and candy will be in demand – yes spoil them on their special day – the objective is to keep them happy!

After you get the basics right, it’s time to think about princess party characters that your child loves, whether it is Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella or Tinkerbell – getting the right characters in the right costumes is a ‘critical success factor’, unless you want your little one to come up to you and ask you “mommy, who is that?” (Or worse still “what is that?”). Once you have all the required details, it is time you made a phone call to get princess party characters or princess party entertainers to pay a surprise visit that would make the party a party that everyone will remember, surprise them!

The Perfect Princess Party

There are a lot of event management companies that provide a variety of princess party services and princess party packages that may seem to be good bargains until the deal arrives… faded and damaged costumes, characters not in character, singing and storytelling characters that just can’t get their act together are common ‘’party pooping’’ elements that you would certainly want to avoid – unless you want the party to be memorable for all the WRONG REASONS!


Give us a call and tell us what you princess likes and what she loves and we will give a list of princess party characters and princess party packages with reasonable pricing. We provide some of the best character parties with performers who are much-admired and considered to be the best princess party entertainers in the market.

Amazing Fairytale Parties is an award winning company that is noted to be one of the best princess party company in the region and thus far we have been voted the best entertainment company when it comes to children’s entertainment and corporate events. We have a diverse range of professional princess party entertainers and our services range from singing ‘chim-chim cheree’ characters right up to riddling, storytelling and character visits that you could rent and add a little magic to your little one’s special party!

To book a Party with us Fill out our Contact Us Form!

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